BBN Presents: For The Masses Podcast hosted by Rob Lumino (Episode 1)

It is here! It is new! It is FOR THE MASSES hosted by none other than Rob Lumino (of SuburbanVinyl fame). After years of co-owning a Brick & Mortar toy store, Rob has ended up here for the on-going roll out of The Blind Box Network. Rob joins you each with with a new guest to talk about the wide world of …art? That’s right folks, it seems we’re in the midst of a podcast boom & here at The Blind Box we felt it would only be right to speak up for the knowns, the unknowns and the all of the weird that lies between. For the first episode of FTM, Rob calls up friend and scene og ChrisRWK aka Chris RobotsWillKill aka the guy who reminds you that your day might get better if you just leave the scenery that’s behind your desk. Chris & Rob talk about everything from how Chris got started in the art scene, his love for NYC, art vs art, as well as his love for fine art.  Boundless Brooklyn brings to you the first episode of a new venture here at The Blind Box, “For The Masses”!! Leave a comment, add some feedback, tell a friend and go pick up a water tower or 3 & tell ’em we sent ya! See you next week everyone!