TheBlindBox S2 Ep58 ft MaloApril (Co-Host InPrimeWeTrust)

Blind Box on a Friday?!? Yup, we out here this week before next Friday you get a chance to check ou....getting ahead of myself. Surprise! MaloApril is on the show today and she's here to talk custom work. InPrimeWeTrust joins as the Co-Host while April talks shop, lets us know some of her favorite artists and pieces to work with or collect, as well as her knack for ...archery? dirtbikes? Who knew?!? You do if you're tuned in. Also Prime & April talk about the beauty of having a mini-me and trying to get work done at the same damn time. And of course, the newest edition to toy segments: THE GAMES OF THRONES. Yep, we hit that GoT's recap like a real one. So what are you waiting for?? *drops needle on the record* Go!