TheBlindBox S2 Ep53 ft Toy Trivia! (Tenacious Toys, Rob Lumino, Toy

Oh man, where to begin... Toy Trivia!! That's right everyone, this is the first ever Toy Trivia edition of The Blind Box. First, the disclaimers: If you're listening with headphones, careful, in this one GM's mic clips due to the chaos. Andy is up at 6am in Hong Kong. Cory thinks he's going to be the co-host, & Rob and Benny are....Rob and Benny. Benny's cooking dinner, Rob is ready to go. This episode is like none other in Blind Box History. If you are a true toy fan of The Blind Box, this one is for you. Make it through the terrible one-liners, cheesy game show music, make & take questions (FrankenToy? 100k Dollar Pyramid? Yup..) and you will feel closer to toys.  Ok, maybe not, but you'll know what a Bearbrick is... This is The Blind Box, Toy Trivia Train Wreck (lol), enjoy and we'll see y'all next week with more great guests!