BBN Presents: For The Masses Podcast hosted by Rob Lumino (Episode 1)

It is here! It is new! It is FOR THE MASSES hosted by none other than Rob Lumino (of SuburbanVinyl fame). After years of co-owning a Brick & Mortar toy store, Rob has ended up here for the on-going roll out of The Blind Box Network. Rob joins you each with with a new guest to talk about the wide world of …art? That’s right folks, it seems we’re in the midst of a podcast boom & here at The Blind Box we felt it would only be right to speak up for the knowns, the unknowns and the all of the weird that lies between. For the first episode of FTM, Rob calls up friend and scene og ChrisRWK aka Chris RobotsWillKill aka the guy who reminds you that your day might get better if you just leave the scenery that’s behind your desk. Chris & Rob talk about everything from how Chris got started in the art scene, his love for NYC, art vs art, as well as his love for fine art.  Boundless Brooklyn brings to you the first episode of a new venture here at The Blind Box, “For The Masses”!! Leave a comment, add some feedback, tell a friend and go pick up a water tower or 3 & tell ’em we sent ya! See you next week everyone!


TheBlindBox S2 Ep58 ft MaloApril (Co-Host InPrimeWeTrust)

Blind Box on a Friday?!? Yup, we out here this week before next Friday you get a chance to check ou....getting ahead of myself. Surprise! MaloApril is on the show today and she's here to talk custom work. InPrimeWeTrust joins as the Co-Host while April talks shop, lets us know some of her favorite artists and pieces to work with or collect, as well as her knack for ...archery? dirtbikes? Who knew?!? You do if you're tuned in. Also Prime & April talk about the beauty of having a mini-me and trying to get work done at the same damn time. And of course, the newest edition to toy segments: THE GAMES OF THRONES. Yep, we hit that GoT's recap like a real one. So what are you waiting for?? *drops needle on the record* Go!

TheBlindBox S2 Ep53 ft Toy Trivia! (Tenacious Toys, Rob Lumino, Toy

Oh man, where to begin... Toy Trivia!! That's right everyone, this is the first ever Toy Trivia edition of The Blind Box. First, the disclaimers: If you're listening with headphones, careful, in this one GM's mic clips due to the chaos. Andy is up at 6am in Hong Kong. Cory thinks he's going to be the co-host, & Rob and Benny are....Rob and Benny. Benny's cooking dinner, Rob is ready to go. This episode is like none other in Blind Box History. If you are a true toy fan of The Blind Box, this one is for you. Make it through the terrible one-liners, cheesy game show music, make & take questions (FrankenToy? 100k Dollar Pyramid? Yup..) and you will feel closer to toys.  Ok, maybe not, but you'll know what a Bearbrick is... This is The Blind Box, Toy Trivia Train Wreck (lol), enjoy and we'll see y'all next week with more great guests!

TheBlindBox S2 Ep52 ft Kazeem Famuyide (Co-Host SixFever)

Woops. Well, it was bound to happen. Mystery Co-host & Mystery Guest has been going strong for the past few weeks here on The Blind Box & today's episode it's only right we take a step into the cage *cue music*.

Kazeem Famuyide aka RealLifeKaz has been on the rise in the hip hop world over the past 4-5 years with accolades such as The Source, WrassleRap, & most currently TheStashed. Kaz stops by to talk TheStashed's new hardcover quarterly but thing's take a turn for the random.  Co-Host SixFever (Alm) joins GM and after talking some NBA talk & adding Kaz to the call, G realizes that mayyyyybe this wasn't the BEST idea he's had in the past 12 months.  Kaz & Six stay on the call to talk about their past, why they haven't been speaking much lately & what both Six & Kaz have been up to since they last spoke.  We also hear about the time Six got shoved by Charles Oakley and sho...nudged back. This is one of those episodes you're not going to find anywhere else. Shout out to Kaz & Six for being grown men & letting it ride for the sake of The Blind Box, next episode we crown our Toy Trivia Champs. You really don't want to miss it, the tears are very real. Peace y'all!